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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Reminds me of Jozhil,ang babaing walang pahinga(a woman without rest),QL/Filex certified Miss Curacha,2008 and KP's most active member awardee and Rozana Roces for her movie with the same title, playing the role of a dancer,a woman without rest.But there is one curacha that is truly mouth watering and truly hard to resist.

Curacha-A local Chavacano name given to this sea crab species that is uniquely found in the waters around Zamboanga, and no where else in the world. It is popularly described as a high bred crustacean, with crossbreed characteristics of a large sea crab and the big spiny lobster. Thus, it is unusually large [reddish-pink in color] for a hybrid crab and quite meaty, and oh so delicious! A special Zamboanga City treat.

Cooking Instructions:
Steam or boil in plain water, until cooked to desired level. Curacha is best experienced in its natural exotic flavor, cooked minimally so as to preserve its original taste.

If you care to add a touch of local flavor to it, mix in some lemongrass and about 3-5 cups of coconut milk to sauce, and boil until done. Sauce topping could be enhanced with ginger, grated coconut meat, sea salt, pepper, red chilis, and choice vegetables.

Serve with: Steamed rice and fresh Latu (seaweed/sea grapes) or salad.

Why don't you Share your favorite recipes or your towns very own dish and we might try it in our house one of these days.


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