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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seafood and Barbecue Feast

Doha, Qatar

My 2 sons woke up this morning not feeling well because of cough and cold. I gave them both cough syrup and hopefully will be better later on. My youngest son Julian, did not sleep well last night because of clogged nose so I had to stay up beside him all night.

Yesterday was entirely a good day, me and my eldest son went out for a seafood and barbecue feast at a beach with my friends. He jumped straight into the water once we got there while I did chat with some of my friends who came earlier at the place to save the area and prepare the barbecue grills. It was really fun seeing those friends with their families and children who enjoys swimming at the cold sea water of the rich Country of Qatar.

The place is just around the city right beside the Intercontinental Hotel, no cottage to rent, no stores to buy food, no vendors around, no electricity, just trees and a view overlooking the City Center shopping mall . People of different nationalities were having fun with picnic baskets, chairs tables and mats with them and some even enjoys music from their car stereos. The only thing that protects us from the sun lights are Dates trees and thick clothes. The weather was perfectly cool and fresh without even a trace of air pollution yet. I wonder what would become of this place 10 years from now. Food was superb and overflowing especially crabs. Lunch was ready at 12 noon and each one of us enjoyed our plate full of food especially when fish, squid and pork ribs barbecue were served straight from the grill. And of course what is a barbecue party without hot dogs on stick.

It was indeed one of my unforgettable weekend but we need to go back home early for my youngest son who stayed home with his father.

Looking forward for another fun filled days with my friends again. And what would be the next event? Probably a group's 3rd year Anniversary at the beach again ?


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