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Friday, February 19, 2010

Oklahoma Trip

I have no idea what to right today .It's a Friday,hubby's day off. We had breakfast in bed while watching his favorite tv show"The Bill Cosby Show". Pancake and bacon was pretty good. My Children was in their room playing with the computer and watching "Sesame Street".

What else to do during Fridays, aside from going to church at 10 am to 12 noon ?Go home, prepare our lunch and at the same time do the laundry.

And of course my day is not complete without surfing the net.And while reading others blog, I got the chance to look into my old photographs and just found out some nice view in one of our US trip back in 2007 at Oklahoma. These were the 3 different lakes that we visited during our vacation and one of them is the Gary and Raymond lake, one of hubby's  favorite fishing spot.

Gary and Raymond lake


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  1. those are such lovely views. Happy scenic sunday!


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