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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

This morning while I was surfing the net. I suddenly realized that it is April fool's Day. So I called my son to borrow all the money in his wallet. He gave it all to me without any hesitation hoping that I will return it to him with interest which I usually do. After getting all the money, I told him it is April fools day and that he just lost all his money. He could not believe that his" lifetime savings" was all gone and wanted to get it back. After sometime, he finally succeeded to take it back.

The second trick I did was telling my friends that my family and I are leaving Qatar for good to Canada. I was late in posting it at my group site so only a few believed in me..

April 1 is observed as April fool's Day in many countries. This is the day wherein people make practical jokes to everyone, good fun and clever jokes which should not be harmful to anyone. Some sends someone on a fool's errand or trying to get others to believe to what they say no matter how ridiculous it is or ask for something that does not exist or playing pranks.

There are different beliefs regarding the origin of April Fools' Day.Some said that it all started when King Charles IX passed a law that changed the beginning of the year from April 1 to January 1. Many people refused to follow the new date continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1.Thus some people began to make fun of these tricking or make them believe into something false or by sending them on "fool's errands".

Here are some phobias related to April Fool's day.
Aphrilophobia-fear of April fool's day
Katagelophobia-fear of ridicule or embarrassment
Neophobia-fear of something new
Scophobia-fear of being stared at
Ereuthophobia- fear of  blushed
Mythophobia- fear of making a false statement
Traumatophobia-fear of being emotionally wounded or injured.


  1. hahaha I only fooled once because someone posted a paypal screenshot having a half million in it that I cried for jealousy only to realized I was fool to believe it. I wondered your son's reaction!

  2. hahaha...veru funny stoory brothers


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