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Monday, November 14, 2011

Did Marquez Win Over Pacquiao ?

I am not really a big boxing fan.In fact I've only seen Pacquio 's last 3 fights.As a Filipino ,I am proud of him because he brings so much honor to our beloved country .He is one good example of a "from Rags to Riches" person who raised from boxing to business tycoon and to the most controversial politics. Many were envious of his wealth,girls ,power and popularity even if he don't have the good look.Yes, his money does it all.Manny's money talks.Some girls even wants to be his wife or shall we say " one of his wives" coz Jinky will surely fight for him and his money . And don't forget Aling Dionisia as well, now a socialite in her own way.Lucky mom.

Well back to boxing.The fight according to others were boring .Pacquiao did not make a good fight.Juan Manuel Márquez were not happy about the result.He was so upset just like the first 2 fights.He said he was robbed for the 3rd time.They first fought way back in 2004 where Pacquio knocked down Marques 3 times in the first round.They fought again in 2008 and Marquez lost his WBC Super -Featherweight title over Pacquiao in a controversial decision.Now, the 3rd fight is to really know who is the best fighter between them because  Marquez believes he won  on the 1st two fights. Unfortunately, he did not make it again this time.Like the 1st two fights he was not the only one who were not convinced of the result.Some of the Filipino's have doubted Pacquiao's winning too.What else is new?

Will they fight again to know who really deserves the throne.We'll see ,anyway, boxing is a business and as long as sponsors and boxing fans are willling to spends millions of money there will always be next time.

So when is the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr 's fight will be? For sure Floyd is so eager to kick Manny's butt. Hope that their camps will come up to an agreement in the near future.

The judges scorecards was shown in the end 115-113 (Dave Moretti) for Pacquiao, 114- 114 (Robert Hoyle) and 116-112 (Glenn Trowbridge).

Coach Freddie Roach posted on his Twitter account a photo of the punchstats from... today's match. Pacquiao had 176 total punches connected, compared to Marquez' GMA News

Foot Stopper Trick of Marquez .He apologized after each step but I don't buy it.




  1. As what I heard from analysts, PacMan won in points. He fought with new techniques minimizing the aggressiveness, which worked for him.


  2. As a Pilipino we must proud for the success of our fellow kabayan Manny Pacquiao.....

    I heard that many Pilipino disagree in the winning moment of PacMan

    I Re-watch the fight and for me Manny is winner..... God speed PacMan.....

  3. nasanay lang siguro ang iba sa magandang laban at pagkapanalo ni pacman sa mga nakaraang laban nya kaya hati ang opinyon ng bawat isa...

    pero ganun pa man, maging proud pa rin sana tayo at nanalo si pacman :)

  4. Marquez fought well too. a well matched fight…Pacquiao edges Marquez by majority decision. Manny Pacquiao after all is the defending champion.
    Pacman is still a winner.We,the Filipino people will always be proud. He has made us proud for so many times already, that's what matters most.

  5. For me, Pacquiao parin ako. Tama sanay kasi taung makita si Pacquiao na nagpapatumba ng sobra pero di porket di nya na mapatumba si Marquez talo na sya.

  6. Mere spectators said "luto" daw laban, but I don't think so. We are just "nasanay" na laging KO ang laban ni Manny. He really is the winner technically speaking. If Marquez wants to win dapat he should have shown more, hindi e, usog sya ng usog, si Manny lang ang sumusugod sa kanya hehe.

    Pambansang Kamao deserves to win!

  7. I had it 115-113 for Pacquiao. But I have to admit. It's really close.

  8. Di ako nanood ng boxing at di ako mahilig dyan eh, minsan ko lang napanood si Manny sa boxing, ika 3rd round eh bagsak na kalaban, nakalimutan ko na kung sino kalaban nya dun :)

  9. Boxing 101 

    With three judges at ringside to watch and score the fight and a referee in the center of the ring so make sure that no fouls are committed, judging and scoring in boxing is more complicated and involves a lot of human influence and interpretation.

    In a 12-round championship bout like the Pacquiao-Marquez III, the fight is judged on a round by round basis with each round judged and scored independently of the other rounds under a 10-Point Must Scoring System. This means that the boxer who wins the round gets 10 while the loser gets 9


  10. Really he apologize each time he step on it, i wonder how many times heheheh, there is no doubt that MP really win, I just hope that those critics esp. Pinoy kuno will shut the hell out of them heheheh.

  11. It is true, compared sa ibng laban ni pacman, it was a bit boring. Pero hindi ito dapat gawing basehan para pagdudahan ang pagkapanalo nya. Pagkatapos ng laban, I thought talo talaga xa, pero ng iannounce na siya ang panalo, natuwa pa din ako at naging proud, kase Filipino ako, kahit ano pa man, dapat suportahan ko ang kalahi ko. Nkakapanghinayang na maraming mga kapwa natin ang agad na nawalan ng tiwala sa kanya. Sana hindi ganito ang sistema ntin.

  12. I miss my old blog lay-out pagkakita ko ng blog mo :)

    Ang balita ko ang advantage ng champion pag di sya napabagsak mas mataas ang points nya e di naman napagbagsak ni Marquez si Pacquiao kaya talo sya (tsismis!)

  13. I am not a huge fan of boxing though I admire Manny's determination and speed.

    But, I am no longer entertained by how many fights he has won. His last bout with Marquez didn't show much of his qualities as a great Pinoy boxer.

    I feel it's more just for show '_'


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