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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide,  just like any bloggers, I always wanted to share my posts to others to get more readers but some groups set so many rules and one of them is by not  allowing members to  share daily blog posts on their walls so I created this  group to help bloggers promote, share and exchange links without so much rules to follow.

The group aims to build camaraderie among fellow bloggers around the globe and help members on opportunities to make money online, increase and build traffic, gain followers, blog comment exchange, share experiences and many more.

Everybody is welcome to join the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide group and can add friends too. To join go to  and click "Join the group".


  1. Gusto ko mag join.... Thanks for sharing...

  2. You are missing a lot if you are not part of this group! This group has overtaken other (blogger)groups in terms of growth and popularity in just a few months.

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