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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall is the Beautiful Season of the Year

It is  the best time to enjoy the outdoor with kids.

The trees stands beautifully playing with the cool blowing winds .

Leaves are changing colors and falling down to the ground.

 Rain pours over to welcome the most awaited season.

Birds are coming back chirping happily all over the place.

 Animals loves to pose for a photo shoot.

Children have fun  with a big pile of dry leaves.

Thank God its fall again.


  1. kids will really enjoy playing outdoors :) enjoy the weather with your kids

  2. Wow! I do hope to experience the four seasons some time.

    I wish our seasons won't change despite our shifting climate.

  3. oh what a wonderful sight you got there!! i love the environment :)

  4. You've got really nice snapshots in there.

    I hope I'd be able to bring my family and experience four seasons too!

    Need to work harder for that :)

  5. Fall is my favorite season too, next to summer :)


  6. I'm sure your entire family will enjoy this beautiful season of the year.

  7. Hello Tess. Fall's surely a great season especially for the kids. I love the color of the leaves. It's yellow, orange and red all over the place. In a few days, fall's out. Winter's in. It's going to be white all over the place again for months. Kids do love snow anyway, don't they?

    Hope you are having a great day!

    Maxi of:

  8. I love the fall season. The colors and the cool weather. How I wish we have that here in the tropics.

  9. I had fun this fall too...had a fall shoot with the kids. :) Enjoy it on your part of the world.

    (Thanks for the visit.)

  10. i hope i can also experience fall someday...

  11. What a nice view, parang perfect na perfect ang temperature, dito naman eh paiba iba, lalamig, tapos iinit..parang babae, fickle minded :) Thanks for the visit..

  12. I've never experienced Autumn before but it is totally my season, I love how the leaves change color and the weather slowly changes.. :) I just so love it, it's breathtakingly gorgeous. :)

  13. Parents should not deny the chance for their children to play. It's part of their developmental stage.

    I remembered what the kid said in an advertisement: "I got dirty but I learned!"

  14. I love fall! If we had it here in the Philippines, it would be my favorite season! :)

  15. so cute!~ I wish we had fall here too. But then I don't like the idea of winter so nevermind!~


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