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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Couples Talents

Couples Corner is talking about husband's and wife's different talent this week When it comes to talent I may say that I am not a talented person.I am just an average student .I don't know how to dance .I want to sing but the song does not like me.But one ting I am proud of  is my  ability, patience ,persistence and willingness to learn things if I want to.Is that consider a talent? I know I can cook  and hubby loves my cooking.I can sew clothes and do crocheting and cross-stitching well .In fact I got high grades in home economics in high school for these projects.And oh ,I can be a toolman too.I love to do this even when I was a little and now that I am married I do it alone instead of waitng for hubby who will take years before he can move his ass .

My hubby on the other hand is not as patient as me. He easily gets irritated. One talent I love from him is his being a good preacher in his own way.He is just too shy to stand in front of the culprit so he  just do it with anybody whom he can share the words of God with. His favorite topic is God and the Bible. He can talk  for hours about this subject .When son asks me about religion I always tells him to go ask daddy .He is pretty good in computers too .Thanks to him and my son for helping me out with computer queries.Don't ask about his singing and dancing talent coz he is as bad as me.


  1. same here. ako din ang tool and craftsman sa bahay. like your haubby, wala ring tyaga si Rhonnel magbutingting.

  2. haha!!! kala ko si hubby ko lang ang walang gana ng DIYs... madami pala sila... ok na rin... wahahaha!!!

  3. we have the same thing in common sa hubby din natin.....:)

    my gosh,singing and dancing is not my cup-of-tea.....THE class lang ako mahilig...ehehhehe!

    btw, sali po kau sa giveaway contest ko ha!

  4. sama si huny ko dyan!hehehe pang computers lang kamay nun magpukpok nga ng pako pawisan na agad di pa baon ha..hehehe samen 2 ako din ang tumatayong tool and craftsman, if I'm gonna ask him to fix for it, he will not say no pero maya-maya lang may kakatok na taga ayos ..hahhaah

    Happy CC!

  5. Wow, preacher pala hubby mo ha. My hubby likes to explain the bible to me but he's not a preacher who preach to people. Ok pala talent mo ha, handy ka rin pala :)

  6. I really want to learn how to cross stitch haist hehehe

  7. Mahilig ka pala magcross stitch Tess, ako din naadik dyan when I got pregnant hehehe.. Ngayon ala ng time..

    Come and see our talents yeah right lol. see you in Nostalgia.

  8. ang galing naman, nasa hilig din kasi talaga ang crafting. Ako gusto ko rin ang crafting kaso tinatamad lang ako. Nice din ang talent ng hubby mo. Di rin madali ang maging preacher, di lang basta alam mo ang tinuturo mo, its how you preach, may convincing power din diba.

  9. oy ang patience ay considered talent ha, kaya nga wala akong talent kasi wala rin akong patience. Cooking is your talent as well, hehhee..dami rin pala eh. at of course ikaw na ang toolman dyan sa inyo, ako lagi kong pinupukpok hubby ko kapag ang tagal na ng pinagagawa ko ayaw pa rin gawin. pareho ata sila ng hubby mo, taon ang aabutin bago mafix ang isang bagay although kayang kaya namang gawin.

    I admire your hubby for being a good preacher. di lahat eh interesting pakinggang. di ba?


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