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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Husband is in Charge of the Kids!

When  I was still working before my bunso was born, I have  nights duty from 4 pm till 10 pm twice a week, my husband always takes care of kuya (eldest). He did pretty good job though, I always make sure to have the food ready before I go to work so all they need is  to heat the food in the microwave. Both of them go to  bed at 7 pm so I don't worry for my son not getting enough sleep while I'm working. I don't mind the house, I don't expect him to do the cleaning and dish washing because he too is tired from work.

When my bunso was born, I quit my job to  personally take care of him. Whenever I am  out for an hour or more,  hubby is in charge of the children  and he don't mind it but I feel sorry for my baby every time I go back home. He was crying a lot looking for me and was pissed off with his daddy. So when he was a little older, I always make sure to take him with me as much as possible and let  hubby alone in the house watching his favorite movies or tv shows while waiting for us to come home.

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  1. you are so lucky to have a husband who understand you and who took care of you eldest when you are out girl, it is seldom that a husband are willing to do those things. Cheers tatess

  2. ahahaha correct sis ....nakaka guilty tlga...=P
    nweis...tahnks for dropping by sis...=)

    sadyang d lng talaga pang bahay ang mga mister =) kaya nga sila ang tagapag hanap buhay ahahah =)) pero tyu kahit nag hahanap buhay kayang kaya p dn ntin ang mag handle ng gawaing bahay =)

  3. Aww ang bait naman ni Daddy. Yan din ang problema ko pag iniiwan ko si hubs, super sa kalat but he sess to it na entertained ang dalawa hehehe.

    My Couple's Corner

  4. Minsan kasi ang mga hubbies eh nawawalan ng patience kapag umiiyak na ang mga kids. Ganyan si rodney kapag minsan, ok lang sa kanya magbantay ng bata kapag di umiiyak, pero kapag umiyak na, ay naku, nagagalit na rin. Noon kasing siya nag naiiwan sa house, isa pa lang ang baby si Roan, eh ngayon ang dami na, kaya I don't think na kaya pa niyang magbantay ng mga bata, hehehe. Kapag gumagala din ako, bitbit ko ang ma anak ko, di manood siya ng tv gang lumuwa ang mata nya di ba?

  5. it is so nice to meet your hubby tatess way back those Cooking with FIlex, and also Bunso, He (hubby) really is so accommodating, looking forward to meeting you once again before your new journey!

    Huling Tawag ni Itay

  6. talagang lumuluwa ni hubby kakpanood ng tv pero happy namna siya.

    thanks kiko ,mabait yon kaya lang tahimik na lalo na at wala na siyang maintindihan sa usapan natin.

  7. Ganyan din husband ko noon. pero kapag malaki na ang mga bata, ok na sa kanya kasi di na kailangan mgtimpla ng milk at mgchange ng diaper. :D


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