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Friday, July 16, 2010

When we were sick

I am late for my couples corner entry for this week  not because I forgot about it but  for the past few days I don't feel like writing anything.  So this morning I tried again and took me hours to think of what to write about me and hubby being sick.

I hate being sick but I guess I can't get away with it anymore. My both side of the family has asthma  and my grand parents passed it on to me. So hubby makes sure that I always have my medicine with me wherever I go. During  one of our summer vacation to US he brought me to a doctor and asked for a one year prescription of singulair tablets and a discus. I also have a ventolin inhaler always ready  under my pillow and purse just in case I feel difficulty in breathing while sleeping.  But the best medicine is his hugs and kisses whenever I am sick. He always comes home every time I call him at work to take me  to the doctor.

Hubby is not a sickly person  and when he is and I ask  him how he is,  his usual answer is "don't worry ,I can leave for now".

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  1. Naku ang hirap ng may asthma sis. mabuti andiyan si hubby mo to take care of you always. :)

  2. Your husband is so sweet...
    Thanks for sharing, wish both of you good health :)

    Thanks for dropping by, Tatess

  3. Wow! So many exciting rides for your son! Di bale, mommy! You can catch up on all the lost years now that your son is living with you.

  4. aww... that's so sweet!!! hirap talaga no pag may gamot na minemaintain... ako nga pills lang pahirapan pa si hubby ng pag remind sakin eh... hahaha!!!

  5. Oh dear, asthmatic ka pala sis. Good thing hubby can take care of you. Parehas sila ni hubby ko, when he feels sick he still go to work.

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