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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy Day

It was a busy day for us today. We started packing things to ship to the US and we're not done yet. Tomorrow is gonna be another busy day. I will run some errand and might start to pack things that will go to the Philippines by afternoon. Qatar has been my home for 7 years.

I came here on July 2003 to work in a big hospital. Nine months later, I met hubby, It was a whirlwind romance and we got married after two months. After 2 years of being together, the next step  was to got my eldest  son from the Philippines. My youngest (bunso) was born after 4 years of marriage and now he is 2 years old.  I am gonna miss this place and all of my Filipino friends.

Anyway, I got these lovely  flower delivery e mail from a good friend of mine today. How sweet of her.
Thank you my friend for being a part of my life.

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  1. More often than not I get so wrapped up in my day to day tasks that I forget to slow down and take a moment to rejuvenate. Please give me some useful suggestions so I can balance my busy life.


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