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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet my Father

Papa, my father is the oldest of 8 children, born and raised from Bicol. When he was a teenager he tried his luck in Manila, got a job as a boy in a grocery store of a Chinese couple, met my mother, got married  and the rest was history. He is the best husband to my mother and  a good father to his children  whose simple dream was to send all of his 7 children to college and be somebody someday. All his life, he did nothing but work hard for his family. Me and my siblings never saw him fight with our mother. He is a kind hearted man who never thinks nor says bad words against other people.

Dad, my father in Law is  a very loving person. Like my father he is also a good provider and well loved by his family and relatives. He is only hubby's step father but he treats us like his own. Him and hubby get along very well  and we are so lucky and grateful to have him as our father.

We all Love you both Papa and Dad.

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  1. We are both so blessed with loving fathers, ke step father pa siya or what di ba? Masungit din tatay ko minsan pero mas madalas yung mabalit siya at nag gigigtara lang. Minsan ayaw ko ng isipin kasi nalulungkot lang ako.. Thanks for joining this week. Take care.

  2. Oh really, taga bicol pala si Papa mo, saan? Bicolana ako ya know lol..

    You are so blessed to have a very loving and great provider Papa. Masarap ang feeling pag mabait ang inlaws diba..

    See you sa nostalgia, mwah!

  3. Rose ,taga Catanduanes siya. maganda don.oo pareho tayong bicolana.

    correct mommy Liz,swerte tayo sa mga tatay

  4. Happy Father's Day to your Dad, Mommy! Kakatuwa at ang babait ng mga fathers natin...

  5. Glad to hear you got both loving fathers sis :) Advance happy father's day to your fathers :)


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