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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost Shoe

My youngest son lost one of his sandals at the mall. It happened a week ago and I cannot find it anywhere in the car or in the house. I guess, I have to admit that it is gone now and it is time to get him a new pair of sandals. He probably lost it while we were having breakfast at the Italian restaurant in front of Virgin Store or at the parking area of the mall. Why did I not notice it  while we where still there.

The shoe is not that expensive but it is comfortable and my son loves to wear it. I might try to check the lost and found section of the mall when we get back there. So if you happen to see a sandal like this at Villagio Mall, that belongs to my little boy.


  1. I am so sorry little boy. Smile because your mom will buy you a new pair for sure.

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  2. Awww sayang, maganda pa naman... Thanks for following my kitchen blog..... followed you back..

  3. .kailangan ko na siyang ibili ulit,hayy!sayang nga.kung pwede lang ngang bumili ng isang paa lang.


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