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Monday, April 26, 2010

True Love

I just read it from one of my Facebook friends status and thought to share it with you. Reading it  made me think of my loving husband and how he treats me as a wife. I would say that he is exactly the kind of guy  mentioned by the author of this poem. For those who are still single I wish that you find a true love who will cherish  and care for you for the rest of your lives together. And for all of us who already found somebody, make the best out of it by building a stronger relationship, unconditional love and respect with each other.

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot,
who calls you back when you hang up on him,
who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead,
who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats,
who holds your hand in front of his friends.

Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of
how much he cares about you and
how lucky he is to have you.

Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says,
"...that's her."

( credit  goes to whoever wrote this, unknown author)


  1. mami tat, na teary eyed nman ako... i thought i met him na, but i lost him... maybe he's not yet the one :(

  2. don't worry ,darating yon or baka nasa tabi tabi lang. try to read all my blogsmates lovelife at maiinspire ka at baka makakuha ka pa ng tip kung paano nila nakita ang mga asawa nila.

    GT. since mahilig ka sa photography ,join ka na dito ,gawa ka ng photgpraphy blog at i post mga photographs mo. for sure maaaliw ka sa dami ng entries.

  3. I am looking forward to meet mine hehehe!!! Thanks for posting this!

    Ako mahilig din sa photography, san ba mga entries hehehe!

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  5. I'm hope to meet mine soon and I will make sure to take care of her with all I have.

    Well, for now hindi ko muna pproblemahan yan. But thanks for this!

  6. tulad ng pangarap ng mga babae, kami rin nangangarap na makahanap ng tulad ng pinapangarap nyo :)

  7. naks nakaka inspire naman mamiTess

    My recent post Kwento ng Pasko

  8. saan kaya mga ganyang lalaki?

  9. That reminds me so much of my dad. My parents had been married 52 years till dad died early this year. But even in their old age, mom and dad were the best of friends and shared so much laughter and love.

    Happy holidays to you! :)

  10. love reading the poem:) mapabasa nga to sa misis q jejeje tnx ms tatess

  11. You're talking of a man who does care for you. I'm also talking of a woman who does care more than I do. I'm proudly and humbly to tell the world that she's the woman I need in my life, she's the woman who is meant for me; for we're meant for each other. God wills!

    Here's my newly created photoblog: T.R.U.T.H.

  12. "who will stay awake just to watch you sleep"

    I hate my husband that he always falls to sleep first butt still I love himFit and Fashion Mom
    Raketer Mama
    From wala to okay

  13. Find someone who can not only live with you but someone who cannot live without you. :)

  14. Wow. Iba rin talaga ang pagmamahal sa taong hindi mo pinagkasawaang hintayin. :) para din yang alak, habang tumatagal, lalong sumasarap. :)


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