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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Edible Printing System- Birthday Cake

My kids and me was invited to a birthday party last thursday at Mc Donald.It was a 7th birthday of my friends daughter .The celebrant looks gorgeous on her beautiful dress.The children enjoyed so much at the party and all of them wanted to win the games.

What amazed me was the birthday cake.I know that it is not unusual now a days but it still caught my attention.I was wondering how did the cake maker copied a celebrants pictures using icing on top of the cake.The picture was as clear and colorful as the original photo.

I was really wondering how was it done .So I searched the internet and I found out how.It is like printing a copy out of the scanner using gadgets especially use for cake making only.And these are the Edible Printing Systems,Edible Inks & Cleaners and Icing Sheets.

Here is the beautiful birthday cake.


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