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Friday, April 23, 2010

Missing You !

It is my first morning this year without hubby beside me. He is in the the US for a vacation.Me and my kids will be all alone in the house for one month.Huh ,we miss him already.Kuya ,wrote something on his blog 
My Life, last night about daddy.We did not go with him this time ,kuya has school until June and daddy need to be in the US in time for 2nd son's high school graduation , to renew his expired drivers licensed ,tax payments and  have a look at some  properties  somewhere in Oklahoma . 

 We love and miss you daddy! huggs and kisses... mama,kuya and baby.


  1. It's good to experience the distance sometimes so that we can feel the difference how we miss the person. I dread so much if hubby is away, too. It makes me feel how important he is in my life.

  2. oo nga,malalaman mo how much you love each other pag magkalayo.

  3. You will be with your angel kaya medyo di syado nakakamiss, and also blogging magiging world mo hehehe!!! btw, hope you spend time visiting my blogs, I forwarded you a Sisterhood Award!

  4. charmie ,salamat sa Sisterhood Award ,mamaya ko na ipost at speechless pa ko ,overwhel med ba ga for this very first award. lol.

    thank you, i really appreciate it.

  5. I could feel the sentiments of being away from our loved ones. I am also working overseas and often times missed the family member's special bonding day.


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