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Friday, April 9, 2010

Caramel Popcorn

This morning my son made popcorn to snack on while watching TV. He went into the kitchen .Pulled out a pack of popcorn in the cupboard. Read the instructions written on it .It says 2-5 minutes. Put the pop corn pack into the microwave .Set it to 5 minutes. Ran back in front of the TV .Then checked the popcorn after 3 minutes.The result was this.

Burnt Pop corn

He was so scared trying to hide it from me but not the smoke all over the kitchen. It was his first time to make his own pop corn so I got another pack and showed him how to do it right.

Left over popcorn, what do you do with it? Try to make a caramel coated popcorn out of it. Your kid will surely like it and will save you a lot of money.I think I will look for more recipes like this from one of the online cooking schools.

Caramel Popcorn

1/3 cup white sugar
2 tbsp butter

Melt butter in a big pan. Stir in white sugar.  Bring to a boil .Stirring constantly until the sugar melt well with the butter  and you get a smooth consistency and golden yellow color .Turn off fire .Pour popcorn over the caramel syrup.You can add peanuts and raisins too if you want .Continue mixing until the popcorn  is coated with caramel and started to harden.


  1. In every subject matter, as the saying goes "there's always a first time". But doing anything again and again will improve our skills until we become an expert.

    Making mistake the first time really scared us but thanks to those who are there always to help and guide us to become better of what we want to do. This is exactly what the author did to his son and eventually his son will learn and be more confident next time.

    "Try until you succeed... you only fail on something when you stop trying to be better at it." - Ric

  2. haha - i also burned and overpopped one before. sunog! sometimes you just have to observe it while it's in the microwave because the instruction isn't accurate.

    sarap naman ng caramel! madali lang palang gawin. ;-)

  3. I assume you removed the burned popcorn? LOL I guess the caramel would hide the taste. I never knew din how easy it was to make caramel. Sugar lang pala at butter, akala ko gaano ka complicated gumawa!

  4. Yahmir my youngest son also cooked a burnt microwave popcorn the first time he tried it, he just set the no. of minutes without adjusting the temperature, so i let him cook another one. Buti sa yo meron naiwan pa para gawin caramel pop, yun niluto ni yahmir ko lahat black ahaha

  5. Ugh! I always burn my popcorn. No matter how I follow the instructions. :| Will salvage burnt popcorn with caramel next time!

  6. Yours looks yummier compared to the one 7/11 is selling here in my place. I'm a regular buyer of them. But if you happen to be here and decided to make an income out of it, i'll definitely line myself to taste yours..The popcorn of course!

  7. Whoa! i always buy some caramel drizzle for my popcorn every time i watch dvds. Hmmm, thanks po sa share ^_^ ill try this


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