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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Childhood Friend

I thought, I did not have childhood friends  at all but as I was thinking of my childhood life in Pasay City were I grew up. I can't help but think of how I was as a child and who were my friends in the neighborhood and school.

I actually have lots of friend but unfortunately, I don't have pictures of them. These photos here are all I have and special thanks to my hubby who patiently and lovingly scanned all the pictures  that I have with me.

We were poor that time and my parents cannot afford to buy a camera to capture every moments of our lives. Unlike now, a camera, cellphone with cam, computer is a necessity so everybody has a chance to take photos of their love ones.

Elementary graduation with my childhood friend Joey. He was my school mate and we usually go to school together. We live in the same compound and our house was just few steps away. Both our  families  moved to another place when we were in college and  I have no idea  where he is now. The last time I heard of him was more than 20 yrs ago

Those 2 ladies beside us were our neighbors.

This is my grade 5 picture during our Christmas Party. The 4 girls at the back were my friends at school.

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  1. ang cute naman, boy ang childhood friend mo. bihira ang ganyan e. nasaan na nga kaya sya ngayon?

    mabuti ka pa may nahalungkat kang old pictures. iyong mga pictures ko noon e di ko na makita.

  2. nakakatuwa talagang tingnan ang mga old photos. can't help but reminisce those times. (",)

  3. grade 6 graduation yta yan, buti pa kayo may mga pix ako wala hehehe..

  4. oh di ba, ang sarap balikan ng nakaraan, mga kalaro na kapag tinitinginan mo noon eh ang papayat, at ngayon eh, ang seseksi na, wahahaha!

    Talaga namang natawa ka sa entry kong kami eh nagsipag pakulot? di ko nga alam sa nanay ko at pinakukulot ako eh kaitim ko noong bata ako, so kapag ako eh kulot can you imagine what I looked like after my hair salon appointment??

  5. grade 6 ako dyan.chubby pa ko .Next GT papakita ko naman high school pic at college .makikita nyo kaibahan ko.

    baka ngayon bagay na sa yo kulot liz.try mo lang ulit ,hahaha ,may picture ako na nakawig ng kulot .one of these days ipopost ko dito.

  6. about childhood friend, I remember a boy that I used to go saloon but the memory of childhood friend is deep is baby in bottle.

  7. Boy pala ang iyong childhood friend. Ako,I have a boy,girl and a gay. :)

  8. how cute! and so classic! no editing to needed :) this brings up a lot of good memoirs for sure!

    u may view mine here

  9. uy, sa pasay ka lumaki? saan dun? medyo malapit lang din ako doon noon.

    here's my entry

  10. weeh ang cute ng pictures nio!!!

    thanks for joining GT!!! happy weekend girl!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home


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