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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robin Padilla at Wowowee!

Isn't he handsome,adorable ,and a darling ? Robin Padilla as guest host at Wowowee is really a wowowee! I am definitely not a fan of this show.I find it too cheap and Willie Revillame is way too impolite as per my observation. I really don't like the way he treated the audience and some of the guests .

Anyway ,I just saw this video thru  blowing peachkisses...

Who knows he might be the permanent host of the show, he still has the Charisma to the girls  and  for sure he will be an asset to the show .For me he is far better than Mr. Willie.

Way to go  Robin!
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  1. not bad if he will replace Willie...ehehehe....I saw this one sa TFC.....:)

  2. have no comment about this, not really a fan of both...


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