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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flowers at Mt. Makiling Botanical Garden

Mt. Makiling  has a 300 hectare  Botanical Garden  being managed by UP Los Banos that is open to public for a very minimal amount. Inside the garden are picnic grounds, hiking trail, plant nursery, birds sanctuary, arts museum and a swimming pool with natural spring water from the Mountain. Aside from a tourist attraction it also serves  to support the UP  forestry students for their academic needs and research. This is one of the place that hubby enjoyed a lot during his 2006 vacation. I took some lovely pictures of the flowers inside the garden .

This is the Makiling's Signature Flower, they call it KAPA KAPA  because of the cape  like leaves. Another name is Chandellier tree also known as Medenilla Magnifica.

Here is another  flower with white and red color.

 Birds of Paradise


  1. Fascinating range of red flowers! The red and white flower is most unusual!

  2. A most unusual flower...and it so so pretty!!!!

    My Ruby Tuesday is a joke [PG-13] today. Do come by for a visit, won't you?!!


  3. Beautiful R T photo!

    Many thanks for stopping by over at my place & look forward to *seeing* you again!

    Hope you're having a great week!


  4. I've been to Makiling once, what a lovely place and full of life. Cool series here.

  5. Lovely flowers sis, I especially liked the last one, so unique!

  6. Beautiful flowers, that must be a wonderful place to explore with a camera.

    My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  7. what a beautiful scenery! so close to nature indeed!

  8. They are all very lovely! The hibiscus is common in Hawaii too! Thanks for playing Ruby Tuesday! :)


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