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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Pregnancy

I had two normal delivery, the first one was in 1998 and the second one was in 2008. I will be talking here about my 1st pregnancy with kuya since I already had  a post  for my bunso.

I got married, got pregnant and gave birth at the same year. My  husband(ex) was with me when  I had my first check up with  the OB  Gynecologist. Few days later, he went back to Saudi Arabia. My pregnancy went smoothly,  I never experienced any morning sickness and other complications. I really  enjoyed  my pregnancy except of course during the labor pain caused by contractions. I was working  and at the same time taking up a dressmaking class near my parents house  so most of the maternity dress I was wearing was made by me.

Kuya came 2 weeks earlier from my expected due date. The labor pain started  at 7 pm, Sunday, after a busy working day  in my dental clinic. I was peeing when a  drop of blood came out  with the urine. I told my mom about it and she said that I need to be ready because the baby is coming out anytime. So I prepared all my things and put everything at the back of the car. I started timing the the contraction and woke everybody up  at  2 am  to bring me to the hospital. I was admitted directly in the labor room and gave birth to a healthy baby boy  at 10 am under normal delivery. Both me and my eldest(kuya) was discharged from the hospital  2 days  after.

few hours after the delivery

The first Grandson in my family

Sadly I had to leave him after 4 months to work and be with his father in KSA. But leaving him alone with my family was the best mistake I ever did. If not I've had lost him forever after the divorced .

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  1. I always love to take photos. It is nice to know your baby.

    Here is mine

  2. I have read your pregnancy on your bunso--sorry to hear bout the car accident.Buti na lang walang nangyri sa baby..
    How envious of you--di ka man lang nag suffer ng morning sickness??Grabe naman ang sa akin pagdating dun(T_T)

  3. Aba at talagang naka ipon ang first 4 months picture. Parang wala kang kahirap hirap sa iyong pregnancies and deliveries. super smooth naman. walang mornign sickness and all. May mga babae talagang swerte, hehehe.. Ako basta buntis, naku, dusa, kaya stop na at di ko na kaya..

    Thanks for joining this week. See you again sa Wednesday.. aka Rodliz

  4. bago ako nag Saudi ,araw araw pinipicturan ko yan at may date talaga sa likod ng photos.

    thanks din for the meme it gives me a chance to write something about my family.

  5. galing mo naman normal both deliveris mo. and sewing your own maternity dress? wow! ako marunong manahi kaso puro derecho lang, lol!

    ganyan yata pag first baby ano daming pictures. kami din noon from delivery room to mag-1 year old may pictures. ngayon whenever we go out na lang.

  6. aww!!! ikaw nananahi ng maternity dress mo mommy? galing! kakatuwa!!! I don't have such talent kaya binili ko lang sa divi ang 2 pirasong maternity dress ko... palit palit lang sila... hahaha!!!

    and oo nga po, super smooth ng iyong delivery... pati pala pregnancy... ang saya! pag ganyan, di ka na mag iisip na mabuntis ulit... hehe...

  7. masaya talaga pati mga nurses sa delivery room kakwentuhan ko at super interview sila sa akin .kaiba raw kasi ako sa lahat ng manganganak kasi nakatawa pa ta nakikipagkwentuhan sa kanila.

    sarap nga manahi ng maternity dress ,ang dali lang.hahaha!

  8. It is a blessing that your baby was safe here during your trying times.


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