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Friday, May 14, 2010

Message to Mom

I left my  son(kuya)for Saudi when he was only 4 months old. He grew up with my siblings and parents and I only see him once or twice a year.He started drawing of him and me(mommy) at the age of 2 and when he started schooling aside from the drawing he added  a simple note on it and my sisters sends it all to me .I scanned some of it .

He did all of these when he was still in the Philippines. I can 't find the latest cards he personally made for me saying how lucky  they(him and little bro.)are  for having me as a mom and a song he composed for me.He never misses to give me cards or simple note  on every occassion that passes by.How lucky  I am  to have him in my life.

To my mama, sorry if I cause you  so much trouble and headache when I was a kid and up until now. I may not be a good daughter  like my other siblings but I know I made you proud of me when I finished Dentistry and passed the board exam in one take.I want to make you and papa the happiest parents in the whole word during that time .Thank you so much for taking care of us especially my son while I was away working overseas.You are the best! And you rock, lol.

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  2. thanks for sharing with us this entry! hope to see you again next time.. :)


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