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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friends and Memories


Eleven years ago ,I used to work in KSA and have the best friends ever.We found  another  family away from home.We cared and helped  with each others during  ups and downs .We had misunderstandings  like normal people do  but the friendship still remains even though we were all far from each other now.One of them recently got married and the only one who is still single is my BFF and kumare  hopefully will get married soon.I really thank God for my friends blessed and happy  life now. Some of them migrated to the US and Canada. They are the best friends I will cherish forever.

This is our kitchen were we hangs out after work and every weekends(me,2nd fr left)

Christmas Celebration 2000, inside the Staff Canteen.The Black cloak we were wearing  is called Abaya ,a robe like dress worn by Arabic women.

Birthday Party at  one our friends roof top

Christmas Party, 2001 at  Al Wessam Hotel,Khamis Mushayt (me,2nd from left)

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  1. I stayed in Riyadh KSA for almost 10 years. Nag tratrabaho kasi sila mami and dadi noon kaya pati ako tangay din, hehe!

  2. Hi Tess, thanks for taking time to join. Isn't it great when you can find real friends when you are far from home. So dyan mo ba namet hubby mo? Sa qatar pala kayo ngayon hehehe, I thought then that you're in the States.

    Again thanks for participating on Nostalgia's kick off, see you next week. Ingat lagi!

  3. jhari,oo nga nabasa ko nga sa isa sa mga post mo na tumira ka sa saudi

    chebskulit- hehehe ,yung una kong hubby(middle eastern) ang nameet ko dyan .si hubby ko ngayon dito ko sa Qatar na meet .mahaba ang story ng lovelife ko.
    dito muna kami sa Qatar habang may trabaho siya.

  4. Nakakamiss talaga ang mga mga friends ano, they are part of our life and will always be.

  5. I miss my friends also while reading your post. They will always be in our heart wherever we are.

  6. ay katuwa naman mga friendships mo.. ang saya kasi ur friends are like family na noh? sa hirap at saya sa ibang bansa.. saya! u are so lucky to have them..

    Bdw, sorry for the late hop my entry is here. See u this Thursday with ur most recent picture with your offline friends!

    And thank you for joining GT!


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