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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers day !

There is a saying that 'Mommy knows best"and I agree with that .As a mother I only want the best for my children.I want them to be the first in class, become achiever ,be happy all the time ,be healthy and most of all grow up to be a God fearing person.

Being a mother is not an easy task,you are dealing with different kind of children everyday from the day they were born until they  become old enough to have their own family . Be a blessing to your children first,let them know that God gave us to protect them from harm,to take care of their every need , to lead them to the right path and most of all to love them unconditionally.

Discipline starts from the day they were born , simply by not giving in to their cry easily.I know that we don't want to hear them crying so we tend to carry them all the time thus makes  us  very exhausted at the end of the day. I learnt something from my hubby when my baby was still an infant He always noticed that I always run everytime the baby was crying .He then said to me that  I am just spoiling him,if he is not hungry and wet ,just let him in his bed and don't give in easily to his tantrums,he will stop crying if he gets tired of it. And daddy was right.It works.

We need to be firm in our words and decision ."No" means "no" and never give in to their "paawa" effect or the famous "crocodile tears".Stand as a mother  not the other way around.

We should not give them all the material things in the world ,they don't need all of them actually . Learn how to control their possession.They don't need all the  modern toys or electronic gadget to be happy.Explain them clearly why should they not need these  things if they insists on having them.

LOVE is the greatest gift we can give them.

Blessing From Above

Children are blessings
Sent from above
Made from happiness
Hope and Love

We love them
From the start
For this love comes
From deep inside our heart

Sometimes there’s pain
Sometimes there’s sorrow..
But remember they’re
Our dreams of tomorrow…

They are miracles
Sent from God above
To fill our world
With lots of love….

No matter a boy or a girl
We will love them the same
For “All Children”
Are “Blessings” Only
With Different Names…. 

 unknown author

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  1. ehehe di na yta ako kilala ng Mama ko. I've been away for 17 years year tapos yong 10 years dyan once a year ko lang sila nakikita.. hehehe.. thanks for dropping by my blogs.. pero na communicate ko sila sa phone..

  2. Wonderful thoughts on motherhood! Thanks for the reminders and happy weekend!

  3. happy mother's day as well. thanks for visiting my blog ^_^x

  4. Blessed Mother's Day.... thanks for following my blog... Am following you too.

  5. I Agree!!! we moms put our children's need above our own...happy weekend!

  6. Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!! Thanks for the wonderful thoughts!

  7. I agree, Mommy! Love is the greatest gift we can give to our kids. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. I totally agree mami dear....we will do everything what's best for our children....what a very inspiring post you have here....thanks sa dalaw!

  9. i think the badge you put is for girl's talk? anyway, good posy mommy! thanks for sharing your thoughts with us on mommy moments!

  10. ayy ,sorry po.tao lang nagkakamali. i changed it already ,my apology mommy Chris.


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