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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We as Parents

One of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have is being a parent .It is difficult to be a perfect parent, well in fact, there is no such thing as perfect.Parents are not always right but as a rule ,we tend to be the one always right when our children is still young but once they get older, that's another story.  Even if I  try my best to be the best  parent to my children especially to my eldest  there is still something wrong somewhere .I know that he is a good boy but  sometimes he does things against our will again and again and again.I guess all children are stubborn . But anyway ,one thing is for sure ,me and hubby do punish them whenever they  do something wrong .My husband is the disciplinarian. I  let him  straighten them up .They get spanking  from daddy sometimes and I do the  nagging  one on one talk.I explains them the reason why they need to be discipline.The youngest is  scared to daddy but not to me.He  knows that daddy will smack hin little behind if he don't listen.

As parents we only wants the best for our children .We always make sure to give them everything that will   make them happy.We want them to become a responsible person and be a somebody someday.



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  2. Lahat naman ng parents gusto nila nag the best for their children di ba? Naku ang mga anak ko rin, laging napapalo kapag matitigas nag ulo. Si panganay ko 16 na, di na napapalo, lagi ko lang sinasabon a medyo tamad kasi. Si hubby ang disciplinarian dito, but the kids are still so close to him. Thanks for the story ha. Sensiya na 4 days akong nawala kaya di ako nakadalaw ng maaga sa yo.


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