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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Second Pregnancy

I  got pregnant with my eldest son on March ,1998 and gave birth the same year and got pregnant again after 10 years.My second pregnancy was almost the same as the first one.I never experienced morning sickness,my appetite was good.I ate  a balanced diet and no unhealthy food for the baby.My first pregnancy was easier because I was with my family back home while my ex husband was in Saudi Arabia so it is easier for me.We got divorced after 2 years but that was another story .

My  2nd pregnancy happened after 4 years of marriage.I was losing hope already and stop hoping to get pregnant again.I found out that I was pregnant when hubby was stationed in Oman for 3 months .He was not   around during  the 1st trimester and it was really very difficult for me .I am working  day and night duty, drop and pick up my eldest son to and from school and at the same time taking a month driving lesson .These images were taken by a sonogram technician:

0n my 6th month, I had a car accident after a night duty.The back of my car was hit by an Indian driver and another one hit his car too.Hubby was in the US for his eldest son's high school graduation.I was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance and stayed there for 2 days for observation while my eldest son  was in the house sleeping alone .I was worried about him and was crying in the hospital while talking with hubby over the phone.The following morning,I called up my son and told him that mommy is in the hospital so just stay home and a friend will come to pick him up.

It was 38th week(8th month) of pregnancy when my water broke at 2 am.Hubby brought me to the hospital at 4 am and was admitted  in the delivery room at 7 am .I  gave birth at 5 pm under normal delivery. Baby had tachypnea (difficulty in breathing) so he stayed in the NICU for 3 days.Other than that he was healthy baby boy inspite of being born premature.

This was taken inside the NICU during his feeding hour.He's 2 days old.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the car accident during your pregnancy. thank God that nothing happened to your baby.

  2. Tatess, thanks for joining. Parang ang hirap naman ng pregnancy mo sa iyong 2nd child, kasi wala ang partner mo and then you were raising your child alone. I think I believe that your youngest child is meant to be born, although nagkaroon ng difficulty breathing after birht, OK naman na siya ngayon. Masarap alalahanin ang ating pregnancy moments, lalo ikaw, wala ka palang morning sickness, wahhhhh! unfair naman yun, bakit ganon???

  3. mahirap talaga ,hirap siyang lumabas kasi dry labor kaya naubusan ng oxygen .nakaready na nga ang OR for caesarian na pero pinilit ko inormal talaga.


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