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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Field Trip

 Today is my son's school field trip .They are just going to watch a movie and be back to school and the school calls it a Field trip already.My son was really excited and he asked me yesterday if he can borrow my laptop to write on his blog .

He has his own notebook but we grounded him from using it  as a punishment for unsatisfactory grades during the 1st semester.It is not actually low but I don't want him to have a "B" on his report card.We promised to give him back his notebook after his grade showed up improvement at the end of school year.

Anyway ,here is  how excited my son was.check his blogsite My Life,


  1. hehehe strict mum, good disciplinarian :)

  2. wow! your boy already owned his own notebook, cool! mine have to wait until he reach 16 yrs old. :)

  3. birthday gift namin ng daddy nya kasi mataas naman ang grades sa school.

  4. I think he is doing his best....:)


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