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Monday, June 14, 2010

Do I need a new car?

Three years ago my husband had noticed some problem with the car brake so he brought it  to the shop for a brake job. We were  shocked  to see how thin the brake pad was and really needed  a replacement. Whew, I can't imagine myself driving without a brake.

I got  problem again with the same car three months ago. One night as I was driving to meet some friends, I noticed some smoke coming out from the hood so I stop  and called up hubby for help. He came after an hour and checked the radiator. Since it is dark in the place and the radiator is too hot to fill in with water we just decided to leave it and come back the following day to take it at the repair shop. I was hoping that  Dallas auto repair is just around the corner to have it fix .

My car is too old already and was hoping that hubby will get me a new one. He already asked me what type of car I want but I did not answer him yet. I was thinking of  a nice looking and versatile truck like the Chevrolet Silverado though. Anyway, I will be happy with whatever car he will get for me.


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