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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally, My Immigrant Visa was Approved!

After 2 years of waiting, finally my immigrant visa application was approved. It  was long overdue because of the Police clearance from Saudi Arabia that I cannot produce.

When hubby called at the US embassy last year to inform them that I cannot get a KSA  police clearance they just said that no need, we will just wait forever for nothing because  they (KSA) do not give clearance to 3rd world country nationals who are already gone out of the country (well, I knew it all along but they still want me to get one). So hubby called up to our lawyer in the US for the update and after few weeks I was required to send  a new police clearance from Qatar and Philippines to the USCIS. And last month they  mailed the appointment schedule to my mothers in law's house in the US while hubby was there on a vacation.

This morning was my interview date and everything turned out well. The consul interviewed both me and hubby to established that the marriage  is legitimate. We where then  told that the visa will come after a few days and another packet will also be included.

Praise God! Allelujah!

Anyway, we were all happy chatting inside the car about this immigration and interview thing on the way home. Let me share you some of the funny conversation between my hubby and kuya (my eldest son), he was seated beside hubby in the front seat while me and buso was at the back seat.

Daddy - why do you want to go to America
kuya(son) - to get a solid education
Daddy - you can have it anywhere
Kuya- even in Qatar ?
Daddy - well yes but it is expensive here, bla,ba ,bla...
Daddy - now tell me why do you want to go to America?
Kuya - it's non of your business....
Daddy - well son, don't tell me that coz I am your sponsor and you are my stepson. I pay for all your expenses, education, bla,bla,bla
Kuya- I thought you were the interviewer
Daddy- son do not say that coz  you are gonna fail the exam bla,bla ,bla...

I was at the back seat and cannot help but laugh with them. 


  1. I am happy for you. Praise God for HIS favor.

  2. That was a funny conversation. He intended to be a lot meaner to the interviewer. =>

  3. Two years - that was a long wait! Ganun pala katagal minsan ang application! But at least it's worth the wait and now you're there! Yes, praise God! Regards to the whole family and take care!!!

  4. lol. natawa ako sa conversation. congrats!

  5. Well , what else can I say but congratulations you deserve it. You are clever.

  6. Congratulations. A Visa is probably one of the hardest documents to procure but you made it :)

  7. Wising you all the best for this.

  8. Hahaha! Siga ang interviewee. Congrats!

  9. congratulations!! and goodluck dear!! always pray! xx

  10. Hahaha that was funny but its good that it was approved already. Congrats!

  11. Congratulations! The wait has finally paid off.


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