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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dating to Find Mr. Right

 I know a lot of ladies out there looking for Mr. Right.Is there really a Mr. Right or we just believe there is ? Dating is one way of finding Mr. Right and knowing what kind of man you want before you go on is a big factor.Here are some tips of finding Mr. Right.Good luck and may you find the Prince Charming you were looking for.

1.He listens to you while you talk.Showing genuine concern by offering emotional support in an honest and thoughtful way.

2. He wants the real you.Most women ,hide the true them in order to make a relationship work.With the right partner ,you have nothing to hide,be yourself and no cmpromise needed.

3.He connects with you easily.Relationship should not take a lot of work.If you are comfortable with each other and the chemistry is undeniable then there is something really special going on.

4.He inspires you to be your best .The right relationship brings a sense of peace in you .It enriches your life and brings the best in you while the wrong relationship makes you emotionaly drain ,your partner brings you down and tear you apart. And who likes to be in this situation?
5. He is  trustworthy. A relationship with trust is  a good foundation for a real and lasting love.Trust is important. If we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy. Your partner will never intentionally hurt you if there is trust. If you find that Mr.Right is trustworthy ,you'll  have no worries giving your heart to him and in return he will most likely give you his heart for a loving and lasting relationship.

If  your Mr Right possess all the qualities mentioned then he may be the right one for you.Choose wisely  and hope for a successful relationship .If not, pick up yourself ,get back into dating and make a few small changes in your approach until you find the right one if not Mr.Right.Maybe there is no really Mr Right .Finding the life partner is not easy as it might seem  but keep looking and you'll get one.


  1. yup everything that you list is a good criteria, I only dated one guy in my whole life, di man lang ako nakapamili hihihi

  2. I love having guidelines to follow specially when it involves our heart. In my opinion we should not settle for less. But, despite a guideline if we can't have it all in one person we shouldn't force a person to change neither. We also have to learn to accept their flaws. :)

  3. i think us women try to create the perfect man inside our heads. although i have to say, what angela said is correct, we can't and shouldn't force someone to change into that certain person we have created in our head. i just let destiny do its magic :D

  4. after reading all of them, i'm qualified to being Mr. Right. hehe

  5. I'm worth a lot. So I ask a lot. Hays kailan ko kaya matatagpuan si Mr. Right Guy!


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