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Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy Moments

Next Sunday will be a "Fathers day celebration' so I am making a post about non other than  the father of my 5 loving children.

Let me give you a brief history of our whirlwind love affair. We met in Qatar  April, 2004 through  common friends, had a first date on May 9 at Sheraton Hotel  and then got married on June of the same year. The planned date was supposed to be on the 4th of July but due to unavoidable circumstances we moved it one week earlier.

Now back to Daddy moments, as a husband he is a sweet loving husband and  and  father, he may be strict and a disciplinarian but  that what makes his 3 grown up sons who they are right now while  the 2 younger ones are still in the molding process.

I have lots of picture of dady with children but since he  refused to be recognized on my blogging world,  I just showed some photos of him (as usual) showing his back.

Daddy busy with his photo shoot (2006) at  my MIL's backyard

Daddy and kids moments, fishing together (2007) at Hugo lake

Visit Mommy Moments for more Daddy moments and Scenic Sunday for more beautiful scenery.


  1. as usual nga... back view... hehehe...

    hilig ng mga daddys sa fishing... ang daddy namin, hindi... mas gusto nya kumain ng fish...

  2. Fishing is also one of hubby's way to spend his own daddy moments. :)

  3. Looks like a lot of Dads are into fishing. Parang hindi uso kasi dito sa Pilipinas ang fishing eh...marami ng maduming rivers and lakes. : P

  4. i am sure your hubby is very patient because fishing takes a lot of patience.
    happy father's day to your husband!

  5. ang tyaga nga ,naiinip ako kasi wala namng nahuhuli at kung meron man ay maliit tapos ihahagis din ulit sa tubig.magastos pa sa mga gamit.nung huling bakasyon nga nagka sunburn daw siya kakafishing.hahaha!

  6. Ang shy naman ni Daddy hehehehe. Mahal ang license to fish here kaya di kami nagpifish lol..

    Happy father's day to your hubs.

    Mommy Moments

  7. hmmm.. reasonable request. happy father's day to your hubby..

  8. mahal nga kaya di na ko sumasali sa kanila at saka isa pa wala akong tyagang maghintay sa wala namang mahuhuli.

    yung maliit naman free pa at yung mga malaki na 1 year na license nila

  9. nakuu excited din dalhin ni Hubby si baby para mag-fishing hehe. sana soon na talaga coz it's a great activity as it teaches a lot of patience.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day celebration!!!

  10. kero ,oo nga excited na rin pati mga brother nya .di pa kasi nila nakikita little brother nila eh.this year na siguro ang alis namin.

  11. backview hehe...di bale, it's the thought that counts, so goes the cliche, you still thought of him well :D

  12. Fishing is a really nice way to bond with kids...and literally teaching a kid to fish is nicer! :)

  13.! ganda ng bonding.....I wish hubby likes fishing...ehehehhe!

    glad to be here mami dear...salamat sa dalaw....:)

  14. i agree, di masyado uso sa Pinas ang fishing unless you live near the sea siguro.. :)

    this is one great bonding activity though.. my hubby and kids tried it once and they enjoyed it!


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