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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Live Free or Die Hard

This week's theme for Tuesday Couch Potato is about computer  and information technology.My entry for this week is obviously unrealistic but this  is a Die Hard  movie so expect Bruce Willis to escape death after all the tortures and explosives he encountered at the end of the movie.
Starring Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, Justin Long, Maggie Q, Cliff Curtis, Jonathan Sadowski, Kevin Smith, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead


In a season overflowing with CGI Fantasy, Live Free or Die Hard gets real - with real action, real humor and a relatable everyman hero: John McClane. On the July 4th holiday, and attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructure begins to shut down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every modern angle - but he never figures on an old-school "analog" fly in the "digital" ointment. Bruce Willis is John McClane. No mask. No cape. No problem. (20th Century Fox)

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  1. Napanood ko to ah, hehehe..medyo unrealistic nga, but, hey..Bruce Willis di ba?

  2. We have the same pick of movie today, its really a good movie.great pick sis.

    Visit mine too


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