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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I want to thank the Lord for the protection  we always receives.Yesterday was a busy day for my family. Hubby took a day off for some important things we need to do.We left the house at 6:30 am and be able to make it home at 2:30 pm.We went to the immigration for the renewal of  kids and mine's residence ID, then off tothe CEID for my police clearance ,Villagio Mall for breakfast, Doha Clinic for medical examination ,American Hospital for consultation,KFC for lunch and last stop was to  hubby's friend  for a visit .It was really a busy day for kids enjoyed playing with the cat.

God was really with us to keep us safe all day long.


  1. Praise God for keeping your family safe.

  2. Praise Jesus, He keeps us shielded, protected, and he is our strength. Glad you had a sucessful day in Him!
    Happy TT day.

  3. Amen! All too often we don't realize we are cradled in the palm of our Heavenly Father's hand. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Your family is surrounded by angels. Alleluia!

  5. A wonderful thing to be thankful for.


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