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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flat Tire

I got a flat tire yesterday morning. I just found out through a neighbor who saw it while I was trying to pull the car out of the garage to take my son to school. So he ended up walking going  to  school which is only 4 blocks away. Hubby tried to fix it last night but never done it because he don't have the right tools. He will get it at work and will do the rest of the tire changing  today.

It is  kuya's  final exam week so he don't carry heavy bag with him. My only worry is that,  it is too hot to walk outside so hubby gave him an umbrella last night but I doubt if our son is going to use it. And today  is also his last day of exam, time for me to return back his Nintendo DS. He already mentioned it to me yesterday and was planning to give it after class.


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