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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Blue Photo's


This taken while we were waiting at the drive thru for our order.I noticed that almost all of the newly built buildings in Qatar are blue like this one at the photo.
 My little munchkin eating banana while watching his favorite  cartoon movie Garfield

 A blue birthday cake with a photo of a very cute birthday boy( friends son)
Happy 1st Birthday Carl!

Check out Smiling Sally for more Blue Monday entry.


  1. naks, may future si mami sa photography :)

  2. nag aaral .self study sa internet Di ko pa kasi alam gamitin ang Nikon DLSR ni hubby ,ngayon lang pinahiram sa kin after 4 years,nyahaha!

  3. Nice photos, cute little one and a wonderful birdthday cake.

  4. Hi. I came across your blog through another blog I follow and have signed up as a follower. When you’re free, please do visit me and let me know what you think of my blog and leave a comment. If you like, do follow as well. I am always open to great new people and interesting websites. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Cute ng baby boy mo and I love the cake, so cool! Happy Blue Monday!

  6. You live in a beautiful city, Tatess, and you have a cutie pie for a son. I love all of your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Hi Tatess,

    I just came back from Qatar. I lived next to the Four Seasons Hotel. I was on the beach. The view was spectacular. I used to go shopping almost every day at the City Centre. I moved back to Canada where the weather is much cooler. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Interesting group of photos. Your little one is cute and I see you love blue so much that you even have a blue sofa. Happy Blue Monday!

  9. A2Z, good that you are back in Canada ,it's too hot here.

    Joyful, yes, like Sally ,blue is my fave color

    covnit ,thanks for the visit. i will do drpo by your site later.

    lani ,thank you!Happy Blue Monday too!

  10. I enjoyed visiting your blog today and seeing some of the sights from there. The best part of it was the precious child.

  11. Love your pics. I also think the editable picture on the cake is a great way to decorate.Debbie

  12. great shots of blue stuffs here sis...i love the cake with a picture of your cute baby boy

  13. What a darling little one he is!! Sitting there cute as can be eating his banana and watching Garfield. Give him a big hug for me!!

    Susan and Bentley

  14. Indeed very cute blue ones! I love it! Happy blue Monday!

    Here's mine:
    My Blue Monday: Blue Teddy

    Hope you could visit.. ;-) muahhh!

  15. Very handsome little one :D
    Happy Blue Monday

  16. Love traveling around the world via Blue Monday.
    Your little one is a cutie! ...Karen

  17. these images are all cute and fun...
    lovely blue post.

  18. Your little munchkin is seriously watching his favorite show :)


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