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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Plans for Fathers Day

Fathers day will fall on the 20th of June.As of today ,I don't have any plans yet for this but all I know is that we will be altogether at this day .Hubby will take a day off to accompany me at the US embassy for my immigration appointment.After 7 years of staying in Qatar,we decided that it is already time for me and the kids to stay in the USA for good. We might go to the mall after for a breakfast or lunch defending on what time we will gonna finish at the embassy.

Kuya will surely make a fathers day card for daddy .I still don't know what to give him since hubby is not into fathers day celebration . Kisses and hugs  might be enough gift for him.

Visit Couples Corner for more fathers day plan .


  1. kisses and hugs are sweet and priceless. advance happy father's day to your hubby!

  2. That sounds like a good plan Mommy. Very productive and happy. :)

    I wanna say a special thank you for you. You have been an avid commenter of my blogs. I just wanna say that they are all appreciated. :)

  3. Happy Father's Day to your hubby, mommy! I agree with mommy rossel, hugs and kisses are indeed priceless!

  4. Bakit kaya ang hirap mag isip ng ireregalo sa hubby noh? ako nga di ko rin alam ang ibibigay ko sa hubby ko,s aka parang wala kaming plans, after church eh dito lang siguro sa house. 2 weekends na siyang nag wowork, kaya he needs a day off.

    ay lilipat na kau dito sa US? sana malapit dito sa amin, para pwede tayong magkita noh?

    Happy Fsather's day ke hubby mo ha.

  5. hugs and kisses na nga para less gastos .

    liz ,Oklahoma kami, sa bundok pa ng tralala.gusto kasi namin malapit kila madear at padear kasi matatanda na sila .

  6. Mommy Rubz ,Rossel,AC ,mommy Liz and others thank you too for visiting my site .appreciate it.

  7. Seems a good way to celebrate Father's day. We also have plans this June 20, we will be celebrating Dad's Day with a quiet dinner sa Gerry's Grill.


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