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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is in my bag?

This is the bag I am using for the past few days.I like the color and style and I have this for 3 years now .I bought it as gift for myself .This is one of my favorite purse.

What is inside of it?
*2 inhalers- for my asthma.i never leave the house without them 
*cellphone is a must
*wallet,need my drivers license and car registration always
*Mine and kuya's Philippine  passport- we went picked up the packet and the visa this afternoon at the US
*Nikon DS 70 users manual- hubby already  allowed me to use his camera for blogging and photography so I started reading it.
* kuya's wrist watch- battery is dead so I told him to put it in my purse for a  battery change
* my kodak camera- I always have it inside ready for anytime picture taking
* comb
* some trash(receipt,ticket,etc) already in the trash can.

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  1. i agree with you sis ganda nga ng color ng bag mo and the design too! I always have my passport and Work permit in my bag too in case hanapan kami ng identification :)

    mine's here:

  2. Krik! ganda nga ng color...

  3. same here, love the shade of the color of your bag :)

    u may view mine here

  4. naku!! dapat talgang dalhin ang passport pag nasa abroad ka Sis.. pero love your bag.. red din sya...
    at mukhang daming lalagyan sa loob..

    ♥♥Happy Girls Talk♥♥

  5. i love your bag, di gaanong malaki pero ang daming nalalaman. inhaler is a must for asthmatic like us. we can leave the house without the other things but not without our inhalers.

  6. hmmmm nung lumabas ako ng bansa, bitbit2 ko sa bag ko ang passport ko, pero ngayong andito na ako sa Pinas, iniiwan ko lang sya sa bahay baka kasi mwala ehehe

  7. Your bag is so cute - it's orange. :)

    Me too, i bring around a camera. I've found that there often things that are nice to photograph, and it's nice to always have a camera with me.

    here's my bag:

  8. awww love the color.. sis...giveaway mu nalang total matagal na to sayo hehehe!

    My GT entry is here

  9. oh i like the bag dami compartments =)
    thnks for dropping by sis!

    no blogger can't understand their co bloggers hahaha =))

    so naimagine mo n b kung ganu kakalat ang aking bag?! =P

  10. a liz claiborne bag, i love it!! very nice.. ang ganda ng color! so pretty, na in love ako sa bag..

  11. wow ang ganda ng bag mo sis! i also love the color...

    You can View Mine Here

  12. I love your bag, so pretty. Wala pa akong red bag. Gusto ko rin ng ganyan :)

  13. nice bag :)

    reho tau sis, lagi ko din dala kodak digicam ko.. hehe camera-addict lng..hehe

  14. wow, yong style ng bag gusto ko. ang ganda .. mukhang mamajalin ang bag..

  15. I love your purse, saka ang color ang rich. nalinis kko kasi ang purse ko bago ko napicturan, naalala ko ang GT after ko matapon mga receipts ko, hehehe!

  16. I love the color of your bag and the design,too.Dito naman merong permanent residence card na pwedeng ipakita instead na passport.Ang dami mo ding dala-dala everyday,at cyempre pa,maraming ding basura lol!^_^

    Enjoy you weekend!!^_^

  17. inhalers! reminded me of my late hubby who's asthmatic. anyway, nice bag. :)

  18. wohoo..another red bag..lalo ko naalala si Rubi heheh... nice and pretty bag...

    posted mine's here

  19. that's a very pretty shade of orange.☺ i'm not much of an orange fan but i liked the shade of your bag...ang organized ng bag mo.☺

  20. I like the color, so lively.. type ko din yung bag, so fab =)

  21. I can totally say that you're being prepared for any occasion that may arise, right? Typically women ;) Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

    U may find my entry here ♥

  22. thanks for all your wonderful comment, i hope i did visit all your blogs.

  23. yay you are so organized.. nice color ng bag mo!

    By the way, Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene is the new host of GT starting July. Hope you can still play along with us.

    Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Have a great week ahead

  24. kami nga dapat magpasalamat sa iyo niko for the good girls talk topic .big help sa amin ,mahirap din kasi mag isip ng topic ano!


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