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Friday, June 18, 2010

What will you do if you win $100?


Wow ,$100 ! Big money ,huh!I want  to win  this big amount , so I joined Noel and Levy's Thanksgiving contest  by making a post on what  are you going to do with the money in case you win.Well,I do hope to win.

What will I do with the cash prize?I was thinking of expenses out of it.Probably spend all the money for my  2 children , they are growing up so fast and already out sized their clothes so I will buy them new sets of clothes ,book of his choice for kuya since he loves to read a lot and a toy for my little darling bunso.Never mind my hubby ,hugs and kisses would be more than enough for him,saves me a lot of money ,right?

I might treat all my  friends with  Sunday cone at Mc Donald ( bribing mode)who will  gonna like my post at my Face book wall and will leave precious comments on my blog post as well.


  1. I also joined this contest :)

  2. Goodluck to us Mylene! sana manalo tayong lahat

  3. sige, mag iwan ako ng comment dito, libre mo ko ng ice cream cone sa McDo ha.

  4. sure mommy Liz .see you when i see you,nyahaha.


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