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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Trip to US

For OFW's vacation is the most awaited time of the year.We get to see our family at last after a year or two.One of my memorable vacation  was  my  sons first vacation to the US back in 2005.He was not really excited to go with hubby and me  but when he met his grandparents,stepbrothers and other kin folks especially cousin Caleb who is only 1 year older than him his vacation became so unforgettable.He felt the love and care within his dads family .

my son  with his cousins

Next post is about his first meet ups with his big brothers.

mommy moments
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  1. yey@ summer! thnks for dropping by sis. just looked at your other blog...wanna try one of them =)

    thnks! =)

  2. i am sure he had great bonding time with his brothers and cousins.

  3. ay ang sarap, tara bakasyon tayo sa US, hehehe... wonderful vacation with family. ang mga bata naman sa umpisa lang yan nahihiya, kapag nakakita na ng kalaro, ay karipas na ng takbo.

  4. it is always fun to see kids playing and getting along with each other :-)

  5. they immediately found a common bond. :)

  6. bonding time talaga ang mga bata.
    liz ,nxet year for sure uwi kami ng US .this year ,pinas nag vacation namin after ng school ni kuya .

  7. Pwede mo gba ako bitbitin papina Tess lol. We can't visit Pinas for now kasi start na ng school dalaga namin and budget is tight.

    Tingnan mo naman how happy he was with his cousin. Very nostalgic indeed.

    Thanks for joining sis..

  8. chebs ,3rd week of june ,wala ng klase anak ko up to sept.kaya bakasyon muna.gastos na naman.

  9. happy mommy moments! thanks for sharing this post with us!

  10. my unforgettable summer was in 2005, too. it seems like one unforgettable year for both of us, lol! nice post!

  11. Aww, what a lovely nostalgia and summer vacation it was for you and your son. BTW, tatess, namistaken ko sa akong FTF button, lols, na-kiwi naman nuon. I do love kiwi but I miss chicos more.

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