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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fiesta Pinoy

 The Filipino community   celebrated  first Pinoy Fiesta at Sealine Beach Resort on June 4,2010. We  experienced  Boracay  in  Qatar  as part of the 112th Philippine  Independence day  celebration.Although the organizer was disorganized and did not follow most of the agenda/activities  because of unavoidable circumstances, the  whole day affair  was still full  of fun and excitement.Another major problem was the lack of enough food to accomodate everybody  and an overpriced  water.

Activities for the event  includes:
Car and Motorbike Show, Kids Zone- Inflatable playground,Tiangge Bazaar / Food Kiosk,Cultural presentation,Ethnic Dances “Ati Atihan “,Laro ng Lahi (Traditional Games),Art & Design Exhibit,Tribal Fiesta, Illuminada Fashion Show,Kite Flying Competition,Beach sand Sculpture Competition,Charity Wall,
Dj Dance mix Party,Live Bands,Longest barbeque & BEACH campfire,Free test drive ATV Quadbikes and Dirtbikes.

Tribal Fiesta Illuminada Fashion Show

The best body painting  made by one of the best artist Michael Conjusta .I was just wondering how did they  do the judging ,hmm!

Ethnic Dances “Ati Atihan “

 Car and Motorbike Show
 Tiangge Bazaar / Food Kiosk

 Children enjoyed swimming and the inflatable playground

Jollibee is in Qatar
Thank you!you made all of the Filipino happy.

photos by scanner_08 and kinimoto

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  1. This looks like you had a good fiesta. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. I would like to see that someday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lot of fun all this is. I would love to be part of something like this

  4. looks like a great time to me

  5. wow! Looks like you brought the Phils to Qatar, :D

  6. No doubt every Filipino living and working in Quatar were all happy of this festival. Love our way of celebrating festivities it's so bonga!! happy Monday!

    Blue Jar

  7. Looks like a fun time, love the costumes and all the pretty colors. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  8. Wow, happy bee invaded Qatar ... long live the pinoys out there!

    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    Joined Ruby Tuesday too HERE, See You!

  9. Looks like a lot of fun and activities!...Christine

  10. Wow sis buti pa dyan merong tiangge hehehe.. ang saya naman.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  11. That was so great. I stayed at the Sealine Resort last year. We rented a villa and we really enjoyed the ocean. I'm surprised they let you guys do body painting. Did you ride the camels. I remember the food not being so great. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm a new follower!

  12. A2Z,I did not ride a camel yet. thanks for following .will follow you too

  13. That must have been one super great celebration!! Everything looks so 'alive and festive'.

    My R T is "lady in red"...a portrait of my daughter. Come by and view her if you can find time, I'd love your visit!!

  14. Looks like there was lots of entertainment to choose from even and like it was fun even if it didn't go quite as planned. Nice pictures.


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